Tomato Omelette

Tomato Omelette


This is maybe the most famous recipe in China. Many ladies learn this recipe in the first class of cooking. It’s simple and delicious. (Thanks to 机器猫姑娘 .)




  1. Clean the Tomato and cut it into pieces.

  2. Put the egg liquid into a Bowl.

  3. Put in little Cooking Wine, Water and Salt. Then stir it in clockwise.

  4. Heat the Pan with some oil, then put in the egg liquid and cook it to cure.

  5. Pick it out then again put some oil into the Pan and cook the shallot segments until it smell. Finally put in the Tomato.

  6. Put in the egg after the Tomato get juicy.

  7. Roll them up then put in little salt.

  8. All done.