Stewed beef

Stewed beef


A Chinese traditional recipe, don’t miss it if you love beef.




  1. Place the Beef Shank in the Stockpot with enough cool water to cover.

  2. Pick it up about 8 minutes after the water boiled, and remove the blood in the surface.

  3. Wash it by cool water then put it aside.

  4. Put all the Spices in to a little Cloth Bag.

  5. Drain the Stockpot of all water and clean it up, fill it with cool water just like STEP 1.

  6. Put all the ingredients in it included the Beef Shank and Cloth Bag. Then rise heat to high.

  7. Reduce heat to low about 30 minutes later, cover the Stockpot and stew for almost 1 hour. (Tips: put some Haw Flakes in it could accelerate this step)

  8. Turn off the fire and put some salt in it as you like.

  9. Pick the Beef Shank out and wait until it get cool, then cut into slices. Finally you make it! (Tips: to be more flavor, just let it cool down slowly in the water)