Soy Pepper Steamed Potato Ribs

Soy Pepper Steamed Potato Ribs


A traditional cantonese cuisine, almost everyone order it in the Tea Restaurant every single morning.




  1. Soak the Soy Pepper with cool water in a Bowl for 5 minutes.

  2. Then mix it with Cooking Wine, Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Salt, Sugar, Pepper Powder and Starch.

  3. Wash the Pork Ribs and drain it of all water, then put it in the Bowl with sauces and mix it.

  4. Wait for 1 hour, peel and cut the Potato into slices or chunks and put it in the bottom shelf of the Steamer. (Tips: just cover the bottom, do not put too much potato)

  5. Pick up the Pork Ribs and put it in the top of Potato.

  6. Close the Steamer and heap it for 50 minutes. (Tips: heap more time for more flavor)