Mushrooms Sausage Rice

Mushrooms Sausage Rice


If you are a Mushrooms lover, don’t miss this recipe. It’s very simple and easy. Almost every Cantonese love it, especially in Winter. Special thanks to 妞熊食记 .




  1. Clean up the Cantonese Sausage and Dried Mushroom.

    Step 1
  2. Soak the Dried Mushroom to soft by warm water.(Tips: keep the water to be used in STEP 4)

    Step 2
  3. Slice the soft Dried Mushroom and Cantonese Sausage into little pieces.

  4. Wash the Fragrant Rice and put it in the Rice Cooker with the water from STEP 2. (Do not turn on it now.)

    Step 3
  5. In the meantime, cook the Dried Mushroom with Peanut Oil in the Wok.

    Step 4
  6. After it smell, put in the Cantonese Sausage.

    Step 5
  7. Put in Light Soy Sauce and some Sugar after little oil come out from the Cantonese Sausage.

    Step 6
  8. Put them all together into the Rice Cooker and now turn it on.

    Step 7
  9. It will be done after almost 30 minutes. The smell will come out with the Rice Cooker opened.

    Step 8