Milk Steamed Bread

Milk Steamed Bread


A magic recipe teach you how to make delicious steamed bread with milk flavor. I bet you’ll fall in love with it.




  1. Heat the milk to about 35 degree in a pan, then put in the Yeast and dissolve it.

  2. Mix the Flour, Baking Powder and Castor Sugar in a big Bowl.

  3. Put in the milk and stir into cotton-shaped by chopsticks.

  4. Mix well and knead well by band.

  5. Then put it in a warn place (about 35 degree) and wait until it expand to double size.

  6. Press it and let go all the air in it.

  7. Slice it into 6 segment and make them as little ball.

  8. Put them all in the top of Steamer and wait about 15 minutes.

  9. Put some water in the bottom in the Steamer and turn on the fire. Turn off the fire in 20 minutes after the water boiled, and wait more 3 minutes before done.