Hot Dog Soft Bread

Hot Dog Soft Bread


Want to eat some beef in the morning ? No problem, this recipe teach you how to make juicy bun of beef. Love it or not you will eat them all. (Thanks to 猫大王 .)




  1. Melt the Sugar, Salt and Yeast in the warn water of about 35 degree in a Big Bowl.

  2. Wait for 3 minutes then put in the all the other things except Hot Dog and mix them into a sphere.

  3. Knead the flour ball at least 15 minutes for more flavor.

  4. Then put it in a warn place (about 35 degree) and wait until it expand to double size.

  5. In the mean while, slice the Hot Dog into several segment.

  6. After the flour ball have expand to double size, slice it into little pieces and press all the air out of it.

  7. Then wait another 5 minutes.

  8. Put Hot Dog segment into every pieces of flour the put then into Oven.

  9. Turn on the Oven and set to 170 degree for 15 minutes. All done!