Cooking Wine

Soy Sauce

Cooking Wine is called Liao Jiu in China. It’s use for make the meat more soft and flavor. It’s one kind of Huangjiu which is make from water, cereal grains such as rice, sorghum, millet, or wheat, and a jiuqu starter culture. Unlike baijiu, such liquors are not distilled and contain less than 20% alcohol. Huangjiu is usually pasteurized, aged, and filtered before their final bottling for sale to consumers. Some styles are aged for as much as 20 years and sold as premium products. The various styles of huangjiu may vary in color from clear to beige, yellowish brown, or reddish brown. Many famous Huangjiu brands are noted for the quality of water involved in the brewing process, and some consider it to be the most important ingredient.