Boiled Fish

Boiled Fish


A traditional recipe of Sichuan province China. It tasted hot hot and hot. So if you’re HOT don’t miss it.




  1. Clean the Grass Carp, cut its head and tail and put aside.

  2. Remove its scale then cut off its meat by knife.

  3. Mix the meat with White Wine (Baijiu), Albumen, Salt, Pepper Powder and Starch in Wash Dishes.

  4. Heap the Wok to cook the Bean Curd Skin and Rape by Sesame Oil. Then pick it up to the Big Bowl.

  5. Heap the Pixian Bean Paste in the Wok slowly, then put in Mature Ginger, Red Chilli and the head of Grass Carp.

  6. Reduce heat to low and add some water when the head of Grass Carp change color.

  7. Put in the fish meat after the water boiled for 10 minute.

  8. After the color of the meat turn white and float up, put some Sesame Oil and Salt. Then transfer all of it to the Big Bowl which have Bean Curd Skin and Rape in it.

  9. Heap some Peanut Oil in the Wok to smoke show up, then pour it in the Big Bowl. Now all done!