Black Pepper Fried Chicken Breast

Black Pepper Fried Chicken Breast


If you want to cook a chicken breast quickly, try this recipe.It is very simple, just salt, black pepper, butter and chicken breast.Of course you can add everything you want just like cumin and chili. (Thanks to 吴双的早餐食光 .)




  1. Slice the Chicken Breast into light pieces.

  2. Use Kitchen Paper to dry away the water in the surface of it.

    Step 1-2
  3. Mix it with Salt and Black Pepper, then give them a 2 minutes massage.

  4. Heat the Pan with big fire and put in Butter which melted and surround the bottom.

    Step 3-4
  5. Put in the Chicken Breast and cook both side into white color. (Tips: keep the sauce for later usage)

  6. Press it by Shovel and adjust the fire during cooking.

    Step 5-6
  7. Put in the sauce and more Butter, then rise the fire.

    Step 7
  8. It will be done in about 3 minutes.

    Step 8